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Double Daily Grand

Thursday 17-Apr-2014

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Lucky 3

Thursday 17-Apr-2014

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Draws are held from Monday to Saturday at 1:30pm and from 9:00pm on evenings. If you’ve missed any of our Daily Draws just clik here for access. We understand that you may not always be available during draw times, hence the effort to bring convenience to you.

You also have an opportunity to watch our promotional events and marketing activities. It is important to us that our players and viewers alike recognizes and understands what we do to make our games exciting and attractive. We design promotional and marketing activities to encourage persons to play and at the same time reward them for their participation.

One of our latest promotion was attached to Double Daily Grand where players got chances to win hams, rum, turkeys and cash for the festive season.

Watch Daily Draws and other Media Productions on our social channels.

Big 4 now with an Extra Draw

Big 4 can now be played twice a day at 1:30pm and at 9:00pm. Big 4 was launched on February 1st 2013 with two bet types; ‘Straight’ and ‘Mix’. In September 2013 another bet type ‘Backup’ was introduced. This bet type allowed players to bet on both ‘Straight’ and ‘Mix’ bets in one play. Riding on the success of the additional introduction we went a step further on February 10th 2014 by presenting ‘Pair’ bets and ‘First 3’ & ‘Last 3’ options; the response has been great.

On February 21st 2014 the numbers 1-1-0-0 brought home the gold for many players. The prize payout for that day totaled $67,250.00. One Gentleman Mr. Hugh Raymond wagered $80 and won $23,200. When asked how he felt about is winnings Mr. Raymond commented “I just got turned down by the bank for a small loan to repair my roof, now I can repair my roof without having to pay back and with no interest”. When we hear these stories we know that we are making a real difference in the lives of our players.

Mrs. Cybil Saint Prix also bet on 1-1-0-0, she spent $20 and won $34,600. Mrs. Saint Prix resides abroad but would play Big 4 whenever she is home, this time her ‘lucky feeling’ as she put it really did bring her some luck as evident by the huge check she took home.

Now with so many options and so many more convenient locations island in which to play, Big 4 has definitely sealed its position within SNL’s game portfolio.

Welcome to the Saint Lucia National Lottery

2013 Year in Review

Since its inception, the St. Lucia National Lottery has been committed to providing the St. Lucian public with positive, innovative and rewarding games that unlike other gaming options can be enjoyed in a responsible manner. On February 1st the Saint Lucia National Lottery introduced a new game Big 4, bearing similarities to our very popular game Lucky 3. Out of this new game emerged several winners, attracted by the lowest prize of $5,000.

We also brought a fresh approach by introducing a game show “Bonanza”, a show which allowed many players to win cash and lots of prizes from various sponsors. Bonanza also educated players even more on how the games are played, information which sure came in handy to one of the participants who began playing Big 4 and won.

Players saw other promotions such as “Easy Score”, a back to school promotion with prizes such cash, scholarship, and HD Kindles and not forgetting the popular “Ham & Rum” Christmas promotion which has grown over the years.

The year would not be complete without acknowledging and thanking the persons whose efforts and commitment made it possible for The St. Lucia National Lottery to realize its commitment to youth & Sports Development. Agents interacted with management and staff at this year’s “Agents Appreciation” event at the Bay Gardens Hotel under the theme “Growing Together”. A Theme which was very fitting considering the importance of good business relationships in today’s economic climate. Selected agents were awarded for their excellence in sales for the year and every agent was given a gift as an extended token of appreciation for their support and dedication.

2013 was truly an amazing experience; Life changing for many persons across the island who took a chance and won, Life changing for the youth, sports men and women who benefited greatly from the contributions that the SNL made towards Youth and Sports Development throughout the year, and Life changing for agents who worked diligently to ensure that the SNL’s services were delivered with excellence.

Season’s greetings and a bright and prosperous New Year from The St. Lucia National Lottery.

We’re Changing Lives……………

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