Continue to pray for Dominica our sister isle. Remember the first decision for change is to try and do better and Power Play affords you that opportunity this evening where you can WIN $49, 500. The Power is in your hands... Power Play today!!!


Change is possible...

As we continue to ponder on Dominica and all those ravaged by the Hurricane it brings a humble calm and sense of gratitude, continue to pray for Dominica our sister isle.

Remember the first decision for change is to try and do better and Power Play affords you that opportunity this evening where you can WIN $49, 500.

The Power is in your hands... Power Play today!!!


The SNL Team wishes to inform that the Super 6 draw # 1750 scheduled for today Tuesday September 19th 2017 with a Jackpot of $245, 000. has been re-scheduled to Friday September 22nd 2017 due to the passage of Hurricane Maria on the Windward Islands.

We continue to pray for our sister island Dominica and all else in the path of those terrible hurricanes.

Please remain vigilant and stay safe during this time.

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Are you game????

With $54, 871. paid out to Lucky 3 winners yesterday we can hardly await what Your winnings will be Today!!

Remember $45, 500. can be ALL Yours with Power Play this evening; Super 6 is $240, 000. and growing quickly... so keep your eyes on the prize and get those tickets now! ;-)

It's action time...

With $235, 000. Big ones pending your taking this evening with Super 6.... PLUS $45, 500. CASH to be WON with Power Play tomorrow evening I hope you are ready and buy all your winning tickets with those Lucky numbers and Quick-picks!!!

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This is how we do it...

Great job players $47, 901. paid out with Lucky 3 this afternoon on the numbers 5-6-7!!!

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Play to Win Today...

Great news gamers... for those of you who don't already know the Super 6 Jackpot is rising and Tomorrow YOU can be the recipient of $235, 000!!!

Today we say Kuddos to those Lucky 3 players who WON $80, 887. and also the Big 4 players who WON $21, 700. over the weekend!!! Friday evening $26, 631. was paid out with Lucky 3 on the numbers 6-8-3 and on Saturday mid-day $12, 600. was paid out with Big 4 on the numbers 1-7-9-9!!!

Were those your Lucky numbers... did you PLAY?!?!

Don't miss out... get your tickets today and Play to WIN ;-)

The Excitement has begun...

It's all going down this weekend gamers...

Our SNL team will be at our Retail office located on Coral Street in Castries from 11:00AM till 3:00PM TODAY conducting a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE promotion on our $10.00 Scratch game!!!

It's definitely the place to be if You want to WIN some CASHH... make it a date and see you there!!!

Congrats to those who WON $31, 685. with Lucky 3 yesterday!!! Don't forget it's Friday and that means you can WIN $230, 000. with Super 6 Tonight PLUSSS $43, 500. with Power Play Tomorrow night!!!

So play as Much as You can to WIN and change your life with SNL ;-)

It's Wednesday...

Mid-way through this week gamers and I hope You WON part of the $76, 573. paid out yesterday... with $32, 573. paid out in Lucky 3 games and $44, 000. paid out with Big 4 games!!!

A whopping $42, 000. was paid out in Big 4 along on the numbers 4-9-6-4!!!!

If you were not successful yesterday, we got you covered Today. You can WIN $42, 500. with Power Play this evening so purchase your tickets early for Your Big WIN!

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Another day to get in those gains gamers... talking about Financial gains and Today YOU can do just that by purchasing a Super 6 ticket... matching those winning numbers and being $210, 000. Richer!!!

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Are you the Individual we are looking for???

We are looking for a Marketing Supervisor/Officer to join our Dynamic Marketing Team.

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Please note only suitable candidates will be contacted.

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Best of luck to you all ;-)

Have you heard... Super 6 is $205, 000...

The SNL team would like to congratulate the players who WON $26, 181. with Lucky 3 yesterday!!!

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Super 6 draw rescheduled....

Please note...

There will be no Super 6 Draw this evening due to Grenada's Carnival Holiday.

Consequently, the Super 6 Draw has been rescheduled to Wednesday 16th August 2017 at the usual time of 10:00PM.

This gives you lots of time to purchase those winning tickets if you have not already done so ;-)

Do You Feel Lucky???

It's Monday gamers...

This means it's another week filled with countless opportunities to TURN up the HEAT and get winning by purchasing tickets for ANY of our MANY Daily Games!!!

Huge Congrats to ALL those who benefited from gains of $96, 338. which was paid out over the weekend with LUCKY 3... $40, 672. of this was WON on tyhe numbers 2-2-1 ;-)

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Have You Played???

Big 4 pays Big on the numbers 1-0-6-8

$34, 900 paid out for the Big 4 mid day draw number 2327. If you played 1-0-6-8 then believe me when I say there is already a $20, 000 WINNER !!!!

Yes you heard right. $20, 000 may be yours so pleeeeassseee check your tickets now.......

New day... fresh opportunities

Huge congrats goes out to the Winner of Friday's Super 6 draw from St. Lucia who has WON themselves $400, 000!!!!

The SNL Team is particularly happy that we spoke and you listened... you went out there and purchased those tickets... and the result was a Lucky Winner from our island... Better luck to ALL else who played next time!!!

Congrats to those players who WON $62, 828. with Lucky 3 over the weekend!!!

Don't stop there... purchase tickets to WIN $20, 000. THIS evening with Power Play and best of Luck today with our Daily Games ;-)

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It is here... the long awaited Super 6 draw for $360, 000. takes place TONIGHT!!!

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Super 6 $360, 000...

Kuddos to those gamers who WON $37, 265. yesterday with Lucky 3 and $38, 550. with Big 4!!!
$37, 200. of this was paid out on Big 4 in last evening's draws on the numbers 1-8-0-0 !

Keep on getting your tickets for those Daily Games to WIN even more... not forgetting your HUGEEE WIN of $360, 000. with Super 6!!!!

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Super 6 $360, 000...

Super 6 Jackpot is HOT HOT HOT $360, 000. for the next draw! An EXTRA $40, 000. added to Friday's non-winning draw!!!

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Congrats to those players who WON $38, 625. on Friday with Lucky 3 and $24, 500. with Big 4!! Another $24, 638. was paid out with Lucky 3 on Saturday's draws to Winners!!

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Be sure to get your tickets early for your chance to walk away with 320K and make your dreams a reality with SNL...

Congrats to the Big 4 players yesterday who WON $34, 050. and Lucky 3 players who WON $32, 467!!!

I urge ALL of you to get your numbers right and continue getting those tickets to WIN even more today with SNL ;-)

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Tonight you can be the recipient of $14, 000 CASH with Power Play!!!

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PLUS $36, 500. paid out with Lucky 3 yesterday.. $27, 440. of this was paid out on the numbers 2-2-4!!!

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WIN $300, 000. with Super 6...


Today is the day we have ALL been waiting for to WIN $300, 000. with Super 6 This Evening... an EXTRA $20, 000. was injected from last Friday's NON-WINNING draw... and this could be ALL Yours!!!

But ONLY if you PLAY... so go get your tickets NOW...

In other news $64, 699. was paid out with Lucky 3 yesterday... $46, 327. of this was paid out last evening ONLY to players with the numbers 5-7-6 Congrats to ALL of you.

Let's keep the games going and the winnings flowing... best of Luck Today! ;-)

Pay Attention gamers...

Starting this week with a Bang!!!

Super 6 Jackpot increased by an Additional $15, 000. after Friday 30th June non-winning Draw... making the Jackpot for Tomorrow's draw $300, 000!!!

This is definitely not a draw to be missed... so get your tickets early and don't miss this amazing opportunity.

Celebratory tunes are in order for those weekend gamers who WON $56, 552. with Lucky 3 Draws on Friday!!!
$37, 690. of this was paid out on the numbers 7-5-8.

Players gained $23, 000. with Big 4 Draws on Friday and a total of $33, 385. with Lucky 3 draws on Saturday!!!

Keep getting your tickets this week with SNL Daily Games for your chance to WIN even MORE this week!

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Exciting news for you today!

W️e have come to the end of our "Jackpot Fridays Promotion" huge Congrats to Dennis Leo of La Pansee our FINAL Winner of $32, 000!!!

Huge thank you to ALL our participants of this promotion and we do look forward to giving you even more in our upcoming promotions!

Yesterday players WON $27, 710. with Lucky 3!!! Congrats to all of you ;-)

Meanwhile, we have increased the Super 6 Jackpot by an Additional $15, 000. making the Jackpot for tomorrow's draw $280, 000. WOW!!!!

Lock in those tickets quickly gamers to secure more chances of Winning BIGGG...

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Also the Final draw for $32, 000. CASH in our "Jackpot Fridays Promotion" takes place live on MBC this evening at 9:00PM... stay tuned to see if YOU are the Lucky Winner!!!

Congrats to those winners of Lucky 3 yesterday who gained #35, 735.

Best of luck today gamers ;-)

Keep the fun and winnings UP!!!

Celebratory drum roll... You gamers have been on a roll... $28, 455. paid out with Lucky 3 yesterday and $33, 500. paid out with Big 4... $32, 450. of this on the 1-9-7-6!!!

Keep up the great work and don't forget $260, 000. can be ALL Yours this evening with Super 6... but only if you Play!!!

Best of Luck to ALL of you ;-)

Are you ready???

Another week filled with countless opportunities to increase your disposable income... what are you going to do with it?!?!

Congrats to those players who WON $60, 476. with Lucky 3 on Friday... $50, 606. of this was paid out on the numbers 3-3-3!!!

Another $34, 713. was paid out on Saturday with Lucky 3!!!

We are excited about signing off those cheques to you and look forward to you WINNING even more this week with our Daily Games!

Remember to get those Super 6 tickets in your wallet for your chance to WIN $260, 000. tomorrow evening!
Best of luck to ALL of you ;-)

The long awaited day is here...

Friday... the day we have ALL been waiting for is HERE!!!

TODAY is the FINAL Qualifying date to gain an Extra $32, 000. in our "Jackpot Fridays Promotion"!!!

I hope you have placed all your vouchers in those Second Chance Boxes... feel free to purchase a few more $10. Big 4 tickets and get those additional chances in there!

Tune into MBC for the evening draws at 9:00PM on Wednesday 28th June 2017 to see if you are the Lucky Winner of all that cash!

Kuddos to those who took a chance with Lucky 3 yesterday and WON $48, 620!!!

PLUS you can WIN $255, 000. with Super 6 this evening at 10:00PM!

Have you Played?!?!

Time is ticking...

Happy Thursday gamers... It's Crunch Time... less than 24 hours away from the end of "Jackpot Fridays Promotion"!!!

You heard right... Have You Played?!?!

Get your $10. Big 4 tickets Quickkk and drop off your vouchers in the Second Chance Boxes for your chance to WIN $32, 000!!!!

What would you do with ALL that Cash?

Tomorrow Friday 23rd June is the Final Qualifying date and the draw takes place on Wednesday 28th June 2017.

Congrats to those players who WON $40, 325. with Lucky 3 and $32, 400. with Big 4 Yesterday!!!

With SNL you can't Win if you don't Play ;-)

Take Note... get your tickets early

Congrats to those who benefited from gains of $26, 751. with Lucky 3 yesterday!!!

WIN FREE tickets today in our "Bonus Wednesdays" segment of the "Jackpot Fridays Promotion"

Don't forget this is our Final qualifying week and the LAST Qualifying Date to WIN $32, 00. CASH is Friday 23rd June 2017!!!

Get your $10. Big 4 tickets... fill in your second chance vouchers correctly with name, number and address and drop off in the boxes provided for your chance to WIN BIG!