Friday is here and we are excited to give away $10,000 with our more than a score Promotion! Stay tuned to find out if you are the lucky one today! Super 6 is at $240,000 for tonight's draw! Good Luck gamers!!


WHO will it BE?

It's Fire Friday!

One lucky customer will win $10,000 in the More than a score Big 4 promotion! Who will it be? Did you place your entry form in the second chance boxes island wide? If you did, then it may just be YOU!

Tune in to MBC to catch up on the action today!

Remember Super 6 is on this evening! $240,000 could also be yours! What are you waiting for? Just play!!

Good Luck Gamers:)

If you played 4-4-8, then.....

Lucky 3 pays out $30, 351 on the numbers 4-4-8 this evening..... More doubles, more winnings with Lucky 3. If you played Back-up and Mix then you're in for a treat because the highest payout this evening came from these bet types.

At SNL, we're changing lives.

Loads of Cash Waiting to Be Won By You!!!

Let's kick off this beautiful Thursday morning with great news! Lucky 3 saw a $28,205 payout in last evening's draw on the numbers 3-1-3! Congratulations to all gamers who are smiling to the bank today!!!

Super 6 is now at a HUGE $375,000 jackpot, plus Power Play is climbing at $116,000 for Saturday's draw! Put them together and what do you get? Almost half a million to be won with these jackpots.

Need i say anymore?

You know what to do! You surely know how to play! So what are you doing here reading this email? Get up and go get your tickets TODAY!!!

Good Luck Gamers!!!

Winning is definitely easy with SNL :)

The SNL Team

Lucky 3 pays out $66,729

$66,729 is the Lucky 3 prize payout for today's midday draw! Did you play the numbers 0-1-1 Well, if you did....YOU WON!!!!

Don't miss out on winning in the evening draws! Hurry go get those lucky numbers TODAY for your chance!

Good Luck for this evening!!!

Winning is sooooooo easy with SNL ;-)