It's Friday!!! $220,000 could be yours today! Have you played? What are you waiting for? Good Luck gamers:) Have a safe and enjoyable Carnival!!!


$20,883 won with Lucky 3!!!

Good Day Gamers,

Happy Tuesday!!!

Congrats to all who gained $20,883 on the numbers 4-1-1 in last evening's draw with Lucky 3!!!

Please be advised that the Super 6 Tuesday draw has been shifted to Wednesday, due to Carnival in St.Vincent!!! So you still have some time to get your Super 6 tickets for your chance to win $215,000 on Wednesday!

Lots more chances to win with SNL!!!

Good Luck gamers!!! :)

If you played 4-4-8, then.....

Lucky 3 pays out $30, 351 on the numbers 4-4-8 this evening..... More doubles, more winnings with Lucky 3. If you played Back-up and Mix then you're in for a treat because the highest payout this evening came from these bet types.

At SNL, we're changing lives.