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Lottery Sales Office on Coral Street, Castries.

The National Lotteries Authority (NLA) came into existence as a Statutory Corporation on 31st December 1998. This was occasioned by the coming into effect of the National Lotteries Authority Act No. 27 of 1998. The NLA replaced a previously existing entity known as the St. Lucia National Lottery (SNL).

However, even before the advent of the SNL, there existed in St. Lucia the Instant Money (Scratch) Games which were run by the Windward Islands Cricket Board, under the direction of then President - Mr. Julian R. Hunte.

This initiative operated quite successfully, until government decided to stop the Cricket Board and implement its own exclusive lottery, ostensibly to broaden assistance to sports. Thus, from October 1985 until 31st December 1998, the St. Lucia National Lottery - a creation of Cabinet Conclusion No. 1249 of 1984, operated the Instant Money (Scratch) Games in St. Lucia.

In 1993, Canadian Banknote (CBN) the technology provider introduced the "diskette system" to the SNL which allowed for the introduction of the game Lotto. This was St. Lucia's first big jackpot game and it brought about increased interest and participation to the Lottery. Later Canadian Banknote (CBN) provided the lottery with a "Store and Forward" system which gave birth to the Daily Number game 3D, which brought further diversity to the lottery products offered. The store and forward system for Lotto was introduced in 1996. Two years later, in early 1998, 3D was discontinued, and replaced by the present Lucky 3 game in November 2002.

Canadian Banknote (CBN) who have been partners with the National Lotteries Authority from its inception as the sole technology provider, has as of February 12th, 2005 taken over as the manager and operator of the St. Lucia National Lottery under a 20-year management contract and the name CBN St. Lucia Inc. This particular arrangement developed as a result of negotiations with the Government of St. Lucia. This venture is not new to Canadian Banknote (CBN) as they currently manage several other Lotteries throughout the Caribbean and the wider world. CBN St. Lucia Inc. is tasked with transforming this lottery into a more modern and efficient Lottery with more games and bigger prizes for patrons.

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