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All draw games carry a QUICK PICK option which is a random selection of numbers by the terminal.

The SNL Random Number Generator creates also a completely random set of numbers and/or letters for each game.

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What's Going On!

Good day,

Happy Thursday! Lots in store for you our loyal players.

Big 4 with Multi X last evening prize payout was $81,200! Be sure to check your tickets to find out if you have won.

Super 6 is heating up with a jackpot of $426,000 for Friday's draw! Get your tickets TODAY!

Be sure to check us out at Constitution Park on Friday from 9am. Lots in store for you. Come register on our online platform plus get a chance to win grocery vouchers and lots more. See you soon. Covid protocols in full effect.

Good Luck:)

Super 6 Tuesday!

Hey You!

Guess what! The Super 6 jackpot is $390,000 for tonight's draw!!

Don't miss out on a payday!

Remember choose 6 numbers ranging from 1-28 and you are on your way to winning!

Good Luck:)

Big 4 with Multi X Pay Day!

Hello Player!

Big 4 with Multi X is handing out big pay days! Check this out!

$53,600 was the prize payout on Big 4 with Multi X in the midday draw on Monday 1-1-7-7! Multi X:FP

On Tuesday evening $27,400 was the prize payout on the numbers 0-3-0-3 Multi X:2X!

Don't miss out to double, triple or quintuple your winnings! That's 2times, 3times or 5times!

We all enjoy more of everything wonderful, so enjoy more CASH on your Big 4 winnings.

Try Big 4 with Multi X today! Good Luck:)

Lucky 3 Strikes Again!

Hey Player

Didn't you hear?

$61,030 is the prize payout for the Lucky 3 morning draw on the numbers 5-5-5!

If you played, you are a winner!

Lucky 3 It's that Easy!

Cheers to Big Wins!

Hey You!

Did you check your tickets? You may be a lucky winner!

Big 4 had a prize payout of $34,850 on Wednesday evening on the numbers 5-0-8-1!

And not to mention Lucky 3 prize payout for Wednesday evening was $20,162 on the numbers 9-6-6!

Tell a friend to tell a friend Super 6 is on this evening with a jackpot of $250,000 plus catch Power Play with a top prize of over $27,000 on Saturday!

Start off your weekend with some sweet winnings and get your tickets for a chance to win some cash!

Good Luck:)

Another Big Payout with Lucky 3

Hello there,

Lucky 3 kicks off the month of June with a big win!

Did you play the numbers 1-1-3 in the Lucky 3 Midday draw?

If you did Congratulations to you!!!

$34,081 is the prize payout for the draw!

There are more chances to win! Try your luck this evening on Lucky 3!

Super 6 Tuesday

Hello Player,

This is your Tuesday update that.....

Super 6 is on this evening!

$240,000 is the jackpot up for grabs. Remember the draw closes at 6:45pm and is broadcasted at 8pm with all other draws.

Visit an agent or PLAY ONLINE!

Play Responsibly and Good Luck:)

Lucky 3 Big Payout

Good day all,

Hope you had a good and safe weekend. Lucky 3 has been on a winning streak!

Did you play 7-0-7 on Friday evening? Well! the prize payout for that draw was $23,450!

Another home run for Lucky 3 this Monday morning with a prize payout of $23,640 on the numbers 9-5-4!

Don't miss out on lady luck this week!

Get your tickets for your chance to cash in some big bucks with Big 4 with Multi X, Super 6, Instant scratch, Power Play, Double Daily Grand, Pick 2 with Multi X, 1 Off or even Tic Tac Toe.

Doesn't matter the game, take a chance for a win TODAY!

Multiply your BIG 4 winnings with MULTI-X

Imagine multiplying your Big 4 winnings each time you play! Now you can win so much more by asking for Multi-X on all your Big 4 purchases.

Multiply your Big 4 winnings by 2 times, three times and five times with Multi-X. If you are a Big 4 player you know what this means!

Big 4 with Multi-X is now available!

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