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Big 4 with Multi X Pay Day!

Hello Player!

Big 4 with Multi X is handing out big pay days! Check this out!

$53,600 was the prize payout on Big 4 with Multi X in the midday draw on Monday 1-1-7-7! Multi X:FP

On Tuesday evening $27,400 was the prize payout on the numbers 0-3-0-3 Multi X:2X!

Don't miss out to double, triple or quintuple your winnings! That's 2times, 3times or 5times!

We all enjoy more of everything wonderful, so enjoy more CASH on your Big 4 winnings.

Try Big 4 with Multi X today! Good Luck:)

Lucky 3 Strikes Again!

Hey Player

Didn't you hear?

$61,030 is the prize payout for the Lucky 3 morning draw on the numbers 5-5-5!

If you played, you are a winner!

Lucky 3 It's that Easy!

Cheers to Big Wins!

Hey You!

Did you check your tickets? You may be a lucky winner!

Big 4 had a prize payout of $34,850 on Wednesday evening on the numbers 5-0-8-1!

And not to mention Lucky 3 prize payout for Wednesday evening was $20,162 on the numbers 9-6-6!

Tell a friend to tell a friend Super 6 is on this evening with a jackpot of $250,000 plus catch Power Play with a top prize of over $27,000 on Saturday!

Start off your weekend with some sweet winnings and get your tickets for a chance to win some cash!

Good Luck:)

Another Big Payout with Lucky 3

Hello there,

Lucky 3 kicks off the month of June with a big win!

Did you play the numbers 1-1-3 in the Lucky 3 Midday draw?

If you did Congratulations to you!!!

$34,081 is the prize payout for the draw!

There are more chances to win! Try your luck this evening on Lucky 3!

Super 6 Tuesday

Hello Player,

This is your Tuesday update that.....

Super 6 is on this evening!

$240,000 is the jackpot up for grabs. Remember the draw closes at 6:45pm and is broadcasted at 8pm with all other draws.

Visit an agent or PLAY ONLINE!

Play Responsibly and Good Luck:)

Lucky 3 Big Payout

Good day all,

Hope you had a good and safe weekend. Lucky 3 has been on a winning streak!

Did you play 7-0-7 on Friday evening? Well! the prize payout for that draw was $23,450!

Another home run for Lucky 3 this Monday morning with a prize payout of $23,640 on the numbers 9-5-4!

Don't miss out on lady luck this week!

Get your tickets for your chance to cash in some big bucks with Big 4 with Multi X, Super 6, Instant scratch, Power Play, Double Daily Grand, Pick 2 with Multi X, 1 Off or even Tic Tac Toe.

Doesn't matter the game, take a chance for a win TODAY!

Multiply your BIG 4 winnings with MULTI-X

Imagine multiplying your Big 4 winnings each time you play! Now you can win so much more by asking for Multi-X on all your Big 4 purchases.

Multiply your Big 4 winnings by 2 times, three times and five times with Multi-X. If you are a Big 4 player you know what this means!

Big 4 with Multi-X is now available!

Super 6 Suspension

Good day,

Please be advised that due to the current activity of the La Soufriere, Volcano in St. Vincent, Super 6 is suspended until further notice.

Be guided accordingly.


Draw Broadcast and Game Closure Time Change

Good day Player!

Please be informed in-keeping with the established curfew our evening draw closure and broadcast times will change to the following on the specified dates:

ON THURSDAY 1ST APRIL 2021 sales for the evening draw will close at 5:55pm with a draw broadcast at 6:00pm.

ON SATURDAY 3RD APRIL 2021 sales for the evening draw will close at 4:55pm with a draw broadcast at 5:00pm.

Also be reminded that the next Super 6 draw is rescheduled to Tuesday 6th April 2021.

FROM TUESDAY 6TH APRIL 2021 sales for the evening draw will close at 7:55pm with a draw broadcast at 8:00pm. Close of sales for the Super 6 game is at 6:45pm and the Super 6 draw will be broadcasted at 8:00pm, together with our evening draw.

Stay safe and Happy Easter!

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