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The SNL Random Number Generator creates also a completely random set of numbers and/or letters for each game.

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Super 6 Rescheduled

Please be advised that the Super 6 draw scheduled for Tuesday 15th August 2023 is rescheduled to Wednesday 16th August 2023 due to Carnival Tuesday holiday in Grenada.

$320,000 is the JACKPOT TO WIN

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Super 6 is $290,000

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Sales close at 11:45am and the draw is at 1:30pm.

Good luck players :)

Super 6 Rescheduled to Wednesday!

Just a gentle reminder that the Super 6 draw scheduled for TODAY Tuesday 11th July 2023 is rescheduled to Wednesday 12th July 2023 due to Carnival holiday in Saint Vincent.

This just means you have some extra time to get those tickets for your chance to win $200,000!

Good Luck to all players TODAY !:)

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$550,000 is up for grabs today!

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