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The Board of Directors of the National Lotteries Authority hereby stipulates its policy with respect to requests for funding.

Type of Assistance

Every year, part of the profits of the National Lottery will be set aside specifically for granting financial assistance in promoting youth and sports development in St. Lucia

Support may be provided for the following activities or projects:

  • Establishment and maintenance of sporting and youth facilities.
  • Regional and International sporting and youth related engagements.
  • Local sporting events and youth programmes.
  • Training, coaching, seminars, and workshops.
  • Provision of equipment for sporting and youth activities.
  • Community projects undertaken by Youth and Sport organizations.

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Applicants must be registered with a national or district endorsing/parent body. The following are the recognized categories of applicants and their respective endorsing/parent bodies:


    National Associations
    District Youth and Sports Councils
    Sporting Organizations
    Youth And Sports Clubs

    Endorsing / Parent Body

    Ministry of Youth and Sports
    National Youth Council (NYC)
    Respective National Sport Association
    District Youth and Sports Councils through NYC

  1. The applicant must be a group or organization that has been functioning for at least one year. To substantiate this claim, the applicant may be required to provide the following:
    • Documentation of its constitution and the composition of its executive.
    • A report of its activities of the year preceding the date of application.
    • A plan of activities for the next year.

Application Guidelines

All organizations or groups requesting financial assistance from the St. Lucia National Lottery must complete the application form provided by the National Lottery.

The completed application form must be submitted to the National Lottery at least three months prior to the date of the event for which funding is required.

Each application must be accompanied by a project proposal, which include an itemized budget to substantiate the amount being requested.

Each application must be approved by the endorsing/parent body governing the applicant.

The applicant must satisfy the Lottery Board that it has raised sufficient funds otherwise to help defray the cost of the event or project for which funding is being request. The sufficiency of alternative funds raised will be determined by the Board.

Download Application Form for Financial Assistance

Processing of Applications

The Board of Directors of the St. Lucia National Lottery shall be the sole body responsible for the approval of application.

The Board of Directors shall acknowledge the receipt of all applications. These applications will be reviewed by the Board during its pre-scheduled meetings. It is, therefore, important that applications be submitted well in advance as emergency meetings will not be convened to address any funding requests.

Approval of befitting applications or rejection of unsuitable applications will be done solely by the Board.

All applicants will be informed of the decision taken by the Board with respect to their requests.

Applicants who have been considered favorably must sign a written agreement to comply with the obligations decreed by the National Lottery.

Obligation of Beneficiary

The beneficiary is obligated to provide a report, including a financial statement and supporting receipts for purchases and payment of services, within one month of the completion of the activity that was funded. The St. Lucia National Lottery reserves the right to take appropriate actions to recover funds not spent for the stated purpose.

Failure to comply with the reporting and accountability requirements of the National Lottery will automatically disqualify the beneficiary from being considered for any assistance in the future.

The beneficiary is also obligated to publicly promote the St. Lucia National Lottery prior to, during, and after the event for which the funds were given.

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